[ Project monoNoFuT ]

Tokenize The Digital Parallel World

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Project Summary

Project monoNoFuT (project mononofu) is a project that aims to "Convert the digital parallel worlds into NFT".

What is Project monoNoFuT?

Converts parallel worlds into NFT as digital items and provide them into our world.

First of all, we aim to convert 256k1-EcDsaO (Neo-Edo), one of the Japanese parallel worlds, into NFT.

Users who become NFT owners will be able to buy and sell NFTs as their assets on marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Also, owners can use them as avatars on their social networking sites such as Twitter, store them as collectives, and use owner-specific functions in services that will be developed in the future.

What is NFT?

NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token." Non-Fungible means irreplaceable, so the word NFT means one and only item in the world.

Converting to NFT?

The project distributes the digital images and animations of the residents, items, and backgrounds of 256k1-EcDsaO (Neo-Edo), a parallel world of Japan, into NFTs.

We will introduce the published NFT details.

Owner Privileges

Owners of NFT have the privileges to purchase NFT or receive the airdrops only in the services that will be provided in the future.

Project Goal

We will convert the digital images of parallel world of Japan and other country residents into NFTs and provide them to the market.


Phase 1

Release Date:Summer 2022

  1. We will release the website, social networking sites, white papers, and other products that are necessary for the project launch.

  2. Launch alpha version of the NFT Converting Program.

  3. Convert the first 256k1-EcDsaO character into NFT in Ukiyo-e style.

  4. The ultimate goal of Phase 1 is to confirm that the product is provided to the market without any problems.

Phase 2

Release Date:2023

  1. Add the modification to the NFT Converting Program so the rarity will be added to the project further NFTs.

  2. Some other minor modifications will be added to the NFT Converting Program.

  3. Publish the second NFT of 256k1-EcDsaO.

  4. Add new parts of the first published NFT and provide it to the market (previously published parts will not be used).

  5. Mint multiple NFTs within the year.

Phase 3

Release Date:2024

  1. Add animation to the project NFT.

  2. Modify the Converting Program to output the animation files like gif or mp4 format.

Phase 4

Release Date:Around 2025

  1. Release (mobile?) application.

  2. Launch the airdrop function and/or marketplace function to sell the special NFTs only available in the market.

Phase 5

  1. Convert another parallel world than 256k1-EcDsaO into NFT.