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Tokenize The Digital Parallel World


Project monoNoFuT -Samurai Punks-

7th NFT Sale (2023/06/9 22:00〜(JST))


⛩️ Sales Start:2023/06/9 22:00〜 06/10 JST (depends on GAS fee)
⛩️ Price0.01 ETH
⛩️ Sales Method:Limited Edition (10 NFTS for each version)
⛩️ Buyer Benefit ①:The buyer of 007v1 #1/10 or 007v2 #1/10 will receive the PFP NFT!
⛩️ Buyer Benefit ②:Recieve the Equipment by tweeting "I bought Nayuta! @heppokopu" and send the Ethereum address to heppokopu.

Project Summary

Project monoNoFuT (project mononofu) is a collection that depicting a near-future inter-corporate war.

What is Project monoNoFuT?

In the year 20XX, developed countries started to use blockchain technology such as CBDC and DID to manage everything on the blockchain under the initiative of governments.

Half a century later--

A world is controlled by the crypto asset exchanges.
They provide the liquidity of the global economy, the protection of all assets and identities, the preservation of rights such as NFT, cyber security, and surveillance systems.

The story is set in the corporate war between MoonBit, FloatingBits, and CryptoCurrent, the world's largest crypto asset exchanges in Neo-Edo, Japan.

The NFT issued by the project focuses on the cyborgs operating in the above companies.

Owners of the NFT can use it as avatar on their social networking sites such as Twitter, store it as collectives, and use owner-specific functions in services that will be developed in the future.


What is NFT?

NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token." Non-Fungible means irreplaceable, so the word NFT means one and only item in the world.

Converting to NFT?

The project distributes the digital images and animations of the residents, items, and backgrounds of 256k1-EcDsaO (Neo-Edo), a parallel world of Japan,  into NFTs.

We will introduce the published NFT details.

Owner Privileges

Owners of NFT have the privileges to purchase NFT or receive the airdrops only in the services that will be provided in the future.

Project Goal

We will convert the digital images of parallel world of Japan and other country residents into NFTs and provide them to the market.



Phase 1

Release Date:Summer 2022

Phase 2

Release Date:2023

Phase 3

Release Date:2024

Phase 4

Release Date:Around 2025

Phase 5